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KLD-Z-X Laser Online Oil Particle Counter

Product Type: KLD-Z-X
logo: Beijing Hangfeng
Manufacturer: Beijing Hangfeng


KLD-Z Series Laser On-line Oil Particle Counter is a smart, lightweight analysis instrument. It analyzes oil contamination situation by digit and graph format with color LED screen. It reminds people to detect equipment variations in early stage, in order to avoid oil system damages caused by pollutants. As a result, it reduces total cost to the lowest, shortens machinery downtime, prolongs machinery service life, and leads to utilizing optimally for machinery.


KLD-Z has high accuracy. It adopts the principle of laser blockage method (laser shading method) to detect the size and quantity of solid particles in the oil. Based on the measurement, it does the analysis and displays the oil contamination level in various standards (e.g NAS1638, ISO4406, GJB) so as to help the operator be aware of the potential risks and thereby avoid wear of parts.


KLD-Z is able to give out the result within 6 sec. An optical fiber cable goes along with the counter to connect the instrument to a PC or display screen to transfer data. KLD-Z can be widely applied to various kinds of oil, such as hydraulic oil, lubricant oil, gearbox oil, insulating oil (transformer oil), etc. Due to its small size and light weight, it can be easily installed on machines. Therefore, the continuous real time monitoring of the oil quality will be available.



1.High sensibility. Able to detect the particle as small as 1?m.

2.Multiple standards available. NAS 1638, ISO4406, GB, GJB.

3.Giving out result within 6 sec.

4.Durable. 24 hours continuous real-time monitoring of oil condition. Maintenance-free.

5.Very small flow rate required. When working online, as little as 50 ml flow rate is adequate. Little influence on hydraulic or lubricant circuit.

6.LED screen to show measure data. Data can be transferred to a PC if needed.

7.Small size, lightweight; convenient to carry and install.

8.Available to print online and alert.